Falala Chocolate is a premium Balinese chocolate with Japanese style made from best cocoa beans. Our product has a character that is immediately soft and melt when it comes into your mouth. With an elegant and exclusive packaging, Falala Chocolate can be used as a gift for your loved ones.

The balanced combination of sweet and bitter flavors from dark chocolate will make you feel a new experience in enjoying chocolate. The soft texture of Falala Chocolate will leave you addicted from the first bite. And also this chocolate made with love.


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Since 2020

About Falala Chocolate

Falala Chocolate has been built since April 10, 2020. This chocolate is made by a couple from Ubud who is still 20 years old. The process that went through in building Falala Chocolate is quite long, it took 1 year to research the quality selected ingredients that are used in Falala Chocolate. After doing several trials and finally Falala Chocolate was launched in April 2020.

Falala chocolate is a artisan’s chocolate that uses its own recipe and chooses special ingredients that are still fresh and high quality. The chocolate we use is chocolate that comes from cocoa farmer plantations in Bali. Then we reprocessed the chocolate itself by adding a few secret recipes into one box of the Falala Chocolates unit.


Falala Chocolate is 100% homemade process with the best selected ingredients and made with love.

Fresh Ingredients

Falala Chocolate uses fresh ingredients and without preservatives. Therefore, Falala Chocolate only lasts 1 month in the chiller.


With an elegant and exclusive packaging, Falala Chocolate can be as a gift for your loved ones.



Homemade Product


Falala Chocolate is a homemade product that has a high value on taste, appearance and the story. With an elegant and simple packaging, making Falala Chocolate is very suitable as a gift for your loved ones.

Having a soft texture and melts in your mouth, Falala Chocolate has a signature product, namely Falala Dark Chocolate. You will taste a balanced blend of sweet and bitter in every bite.

How to Order

You can write down the name, chocolate variant, and many boxes that you will order via WhatsApp


Our Variant Product

Falala Chocolate has three variants, there are Dark Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, and Extra Bitter Chocolate. All variants of Falala Chocolate are safe for consumption by children to adults.

Dark Chocolate

Our signature product, Falala Dark Chocolate. Made from pure dark chocolate with added cream and our secret recipe. You will taste a balanced mixture of sweet and bitter flavors in every bite. With a sprinkling of cocoa powder on top, it makes Falala Dark Chocolate even more perfect.

Matcha Chocolate

Falala Matcha Chocolate is our second product which is made from a mixture of white chocolate with premium matcha powder and a little cream. Falala Matcha Chocolate has a sweeter taste then the other products of Falala Chocolate. The sprinkling of matcha powder on top makes the taste of Falala Matcha Chocolate even more complete.

Caramel Chocolate

Falala Extra Bitter Chocolate is our product which tastes almost same as Falala Dark Chocolate. It’s just has a more bitter taste than Falala Dark Chocolate. For bitter chocolate lovers, Falala Extra Bitter Chocolate is the best choice. A sprinkling of premium cocoa powder on top makes the taste even more delicious.

Hazelnut Chocolate

First Japanese-style Hazelnut Chocolate in Bali. The perfect combination of hazelnuts with chocolate creates a milky taste and a soft hazelnut taste and keep the texture soft and melt makes this variant be a BEST SELLER product. You will never forget the taste of Falala Hazelnut Chocolate since day one you’ve try it!

Berry Chocolate

Our new special product, Falala Berry Chocolate. Has a unique flavor, made from a combination of chocolate and berriea. You will feel the sour and fresh taste of the berry and slightly sweet in one bite. It tastes even more perfect with a sprinkling of berry powder on top

Coconut Chocolate

Our special present to celebrate Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, Falala White Coco. Has an artistic and authentic taste. Based from white chocolate and combined with grated coconut from Indonesian plantations. Get this seasonal variant during the G20 Presidency’s event. It’s limited !


Falala Chocolate’s Size


Small Box

Falala Small Box is the smallest size of Falala Chocolate. You will get 20 bars of chocolate in this box. Falala Small Box is perfect as a gift for your loved ones.


Mixed Box

Falala Mix Box is the same size as Falala Large Box. You can mix the variant of Falala Chocolate in one box. You will get 20 bars for each variant.


Large Box

Falala Large Box is the largest size of Falala Chocolate. You’ll find 40 bars of chocolate in this box. Falala Large Box is perfect for sharing in the warmth of your family


Raving Reviews

Please leave your criticism and suggestions to build and evaluate Falala Chocolate for the better in the future. Please leave your sign below after you try Falala Chocolate.

Spread love with Falala Chocolate.

Nadi Sutri


“cokelatnya enak, lembut sekali, lumer, keluarga saya suka sampek seminggu sekali sempat aja order by GrabFood, trus kalau lagi di luar kota selalu order lewat Tokped Falala, fast respond & good service!”

Early Pradnya


“It’s my first time discovering a premium chocolate taste like this, I like dark chocolate the most because it tastes a balance between sweet and bitter, perfect for giving too!”


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Our Best Seller Variant in 2022!

Our Best Seller Variant in 2022!

The Best seller variant is some best-sellling variant ordered and favored by customers who enjoy our chocolate. Best seller menu will be replaced according to the percentage of the number of orders on certain variant. Our Best Seller variant in 2022 is : 1.Falala...

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