The Best seller variant is some best-sellling variant ordered and favored by customers who enjoy our chocolate. Best seller menu will be replaced according to the percentage of the number of orders on certain variant. Our Best Seller variant in 2022 is :

1.Falala Hazelnut Chocolate

2. Falala Dark Chocolate

Our signature product, Falala Dark Chocolate. Made from pure dark chocolate with added cream and our secret recipe. You will taste a balanced mixture of sweet and bitter flavors in every bite. With a sprinkling of cocoa powder on top, it makes Falala Dark Chocolate even more perfect. This variant is most affordable, start from 85k you can enjoy this bittersweet taste

4. Falala Matcha Chocolate

Falala Matcha Chocolate is our second product which is made from a mixture of white chocolate with premium matcha powder and a little cream. Falala Matcha Chocolate has a sweeter taste then the other products of Falala Chocolate. The sprinkling of matcha powder on top makes the taste of Falala Matcha Chocolate even more complete. Start from 95k you can have this variant.

2. Falala Caramel Chocolate

The combination of sweet taste, slightly bitter taste from the powder on top makes this caramel chocolate not too sweet and of course there is a slightly salty taste typical of caramel. Start from 105k you will have sweet experience with this new taste.

3. Falala Berry Chocolate

Falala Berry Chocolate has a unique flavor, made from a combination of chocolate and berries. Start from 115k you will feel the sour and fresh taste of the berry and slightly sweet in one bite. It tastes even more perfect with a sprinkling of berry powder on top.

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