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Falala White Coconut Chocolate & New Packaging Special Indonesia’s G20 Presidency


About Us

Falala Chocolate is a premium homemade product produced in Bali that introduces high quality in taste, with the finest ingredients and story. 

Enjoy a soft texture that melts in your mouth. You will taste a balanced blend of sweet and bitter in every bite. Try our signature G20 Edition chocolate made with Balinese coconuts with white chocolate and other variants to your liking. Our packaging is well-designed and makes the perfect gift for the G20 Summit in Bali.

Falala Chocolate Special G20 Presidency

As Bali looks forward to welcoming the 17th G20 Heads of State and Government these coming days, we are proud to launch our white coconut chocolate with special G20 packaging to celebrate it. 

By launching a special edition-themed G20 chocolate package for the upcoming summit, not only will our packaging honour and pay respect to this summit but also showcase Indonesia’s rich organic resources with the use of the Balinese coconut found on the island beaches. 

Spoil your taste buds with our premium homemade chocolate and embrace Bali’s rich chocolate flavour.


Premium Chocolate

Falala Chocolate uses the finest cacao available.


Melt in Your Mouth

Feel the rich flavor come alive.


Bali's Coconut Plant

Enjoy the flavors that come from Bali’s native plant.


Love Symbol

Send this chocolate to your friends, delegates, or loved ones as a token of love.



Homemade with high-quality cacao to maintain quality and ensure freshness.



Perfect for gift-giving in any season or occasion.

Our Variant

Dark Chocolate

Taste the balanced mixture of sweet and bitter flavours in every bite. If you like dark chocolate, you will enjoy our signature.

Matcha Chocolate

Made from a mixture of white chocolate with premium matcha powder and a little cream.

Caramel Chocolate

These rich, caramel chocolate features all kinds of goodies!

Hazelnut Chocolate

The perfect combination of hazelnuts with chocolate creates a milky and soft hazelnut taste.

Berry Chocolate

A unique flavour made from a combination of chocolate and berries. A sour and fresh taste of the berry and the slightly sweet.

White Coconut Chocolate

A combination of Balinese coconut and white chocolate.

Spread Love with Falala Chocolate ♥



Falala Chocolate uses the finest cacao available, then carefully tastes and blends beans of different origins to create a unique flavour profile. All the chocolate is made in small batches using artisanal manufacturing methods.



Falala Chocolate uses the Balinese coconut, a natural and sustainable resource on the island that has been used for many years by locals.

As the summit slogan goes, recover together, and recover stronger. Balinese coconut and the combination of white chocolate, delegates, and even customers will be delighted with this special edition G20 chocolate that’s artisanal and has a unique taste that melts in your mouth.

Let’s Celebrate!

This seasonal chocolate for the G20 conference is limited and only available during the occurrence of the event or until it is out of stock.

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“Falala Chocolate is a local chocolate brand from Bali, came by this place by accident when we were passing by so we decided to visit. The little place is lovely, the staffs are so nice, they offer testers for their chocolates"

Ayu Mas Chandra


“They have chocolates in various flavours. Each of them comes with free tester. You can have a taste of them before deciding which one to buy. I personally love their matcha chocolate and dark chocolates the most"

Putu Maesa


"The packaging is attractive and the chocolate melts in my mouth! I don't know how they make this delicious chocolate. love this chocolate! "

Ade Atmajaya

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